South Central SALT Conference


Pocket Conference Guide

In December 2021, 2,000+ college students at ministry staff decended up downtown Dallas, TX for the annual South Central SALT Conference.  Where should they park?  Do they check into the hotel or the conference first?  Where can they get dinner?  How do they pay their balance?  Attendees arrive with all the questions and for the first time ever, they were directed to a responsive, mobile Conference Guide to find answers!

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, South Central Region




Dallas, TX


Date-Triggered Daily Highlights

To highlight relevant conference-wide announcements each day, I configured date conditions on blurb modules so they would refresh as attendees checked back in the Guide each day.

Schedules & Speakers

One of the most accessed pieces of information is always the conference schedule.  To keep it clear, I created three tables of schedule data, one for each day of the conference.  Included in the schedule page were also conference speaker pics, bios, and social media links.

Curated Map

While lunches are provided as part of conference registration, evening meals are left to attenees to arrange on their own.  To make mealtimes easier, I curated a list of the best restaurants on-site and within quick driving or walking distance of the hotel.  Off-site options were compiled into a custom mobile, interactive map.  Map markers were linked to restaurant websites for further details.


Certain questions are asked over and over at large events.  SALT staff want to make the answers to those questions readily available to attendees, so I compiled a straightforward FAQ with linked topics at the top and detailed answers below.

Tons of Information

A critical component of the SALT Conference are workshops, short lectures based on set topics that feature Q&A and discussion. More than 30 workshops are organized by conference staff into 4 blocks, giving conference-goers 4 choices of workshops to attend.  To keep information concise and easy-to-understand, I color-coded the four blocks and listed workshops by title.  Titles can be expanded to reveal workshop details and left open as a way of bookmarking interesting workshops.

Daily Rotating Events

In addition to special events that were accessible throughout the duration of the conference, SALT also hosts an array of one-off special events for attendees.  I wanted to highlight both sets of special events without overwhelming attendees with all the information upfront.  To accomplish this, one-off events were configured to load or hide based on the date it was being viewed.

Childcare Theme Design

Local directors & their families often accompany their college students to South Central SALT.  While students are attending Workshops, local directors are invited to attend staff-only development workshops.  The details for these staff workshops were compiled and configured to display based on which day they were viewed.  In addition, childcare programs and resources are made available to local directors and those details were communicated on the Staff Info page.  The design for the 2021 childcare program was chosen by SALT staff and I was responsible for creating the visual design to accompany their theme.