COVID Guide for Chi Alpha Chapters


What do we do now?

In March 2020, the world shut down.  No one had ever experienced such all-pervading uncertainty.  Across all spheres, in all industries, life simply stopped.  And then, slowly, some weeks later, it began to return.  But to what?  How?  What would life look like post-COVID?  Chi Alpha ministers, along with the rest of the world, met with many personal challenges and struggles.  In addition, they faced new policies handed down from their universities, greatly changing the face of campus ministry.  In light of so much uncertainty, what would be the best way forward?  What should their first steps back onto campus look like?  The COVID Guide was the brainchild of then national staff member Harvey Herman.  It represented a set of best-practices for local directors looking to adapt to new realities on university campuses.  I was tasked with compiling Harvey’s information into an easily-distributable form as quickly as possible.

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Catalog Layout


Springfield, MO


01 / Introduction

During the height of the pandemic, what most people needed was to feel a sense of community and camaraderie.  Before setting out to reengage the college campus, national staff wanted local directors to know that they were seen and heard.

02 / List of Respondents

In addition to recording data on respondents, Chi Alpha wanted to include a visual map representing the states where respondents serve.  To achieve this, I edited a vector-version world map and linked the file into the layout in Adobe InDesign.

03 / Guiding Principles

In addition to a huge list of detailed ministry ideas generated by respondents, Harvey created a set of overarching principles to guide local directors as they returned to weekly campus ministry.


04 / What will it look like?

As university administration scrambled to figure out how to continue educating students amidst the global pandemic, those associated with the university system held our breath, waiting for signs of what higher education might look like going forward.  As we approached fully-formed solutions, four likely scenarios emerged.  These were highlighted in the COVID Guide and most local directors identified with one or more.

05 / Resources

To remind local directors of the resources available to them, I designed a double-page spread with mini-bios and links for each.  To make the design cohesive, the logos for each resource were updated to match the color palette for the COVID Guide.

06 / Respondent Quotes

A lengthy section was included in the COVID Guide to highlight quoted comments from respondents.  I created a simple, alternating pattern of shaded paragraph styles to visually separate each quote from those around it.

07 / Final Proposals

To conclude, the two most common scenarios were addressed in detail, including multiple lists of proposed ideas for how to conduct and structure ministry within each new scenario on campus.  This section, largely text, required clear paragraph styling to keep information flowing and coherent.